Nadia’s interest in visual arts has seen several forms since she was a child. It evolved from spending countless hours filling in colouring books and watching the women in her family create beautiful clothes, home decorations and tasty recipes from scratch. Art and music classes in school really had a big impact on her and became an essential outlet for her curious mind and love of making things.

She eventually opted for a college degree in jewelry and even did a stint working as a lapidary (gemstone-faceting), but was disappointed by the lack of creativity involved. She now works as a video editor. After several years of learning different techniques in drawing, painting and printing, she decided that it was time to take photography seriously to complement her career. It had been a hobby for some time, since she was introduced to the dark room in high school and fell in love with the whole process of film.

By taking the program, her aim was to master the digital aspect of the craft and to combine everything she loves to produce Fine Art projects with a commercial appeal. Imaging software is her new best friend…


Ce site est mon portfolio virtuel et est en changement constant. Il s’agit d’un espace pour partager mes travaux d’école ainsi que mes projets personnels avec vous et être témoin de mon évolution en tant que photographe et de mon intérêt pour les arts visuels. Merci!

This website is my virtual portfolio and as such will always be a work in progress. It is a space to share my school assignments as well as my personal projects. This website’s purpose is to be the witness of my evolution as a Photographer as well as my interest in Visual Arts. Thank you!

Commercial Photography AEC – Dawson College, Montréal, QC

DEC Techniques de Métiers d’Arts, Option Joaillerie – Cégep de Limoilou, Québec, QC

Plus de détails sur / More details on LinkedIn – Nadia Florence Fournier

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